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Welcome to terms & conditions before you start getting free books for your life. 
Please find the updated policy below for 2021.

Let's see the terms & conditions:

1. Please request only 5 books/day and 15 books/month only. After that if you need then please donate through PayTm, PayPal, Google Pay to get more books for the month. As this is free platform, I would request everyone to donate to help K3Entertainment.
UPDATE: Books request limitation is increased. You can request 5 books/day and 100 books/month. This is not same for comics requests. Please find the number 10 point for comics requets.
(For Comics, we are changing the policy because it's not worth to get 5 comics per day and read 15 comics per month. We feel, you should read more comics, but of course with a limitation, find out more below.)

2. Do not comment any spam or link which will redirect to any other sites for books. As I send books through mail, your mail id will be ignored whenever you will request for books.

3. Do not try to ask from different mail id to get more books for the month. As I send books in mail, i thoroughly check every mail id before sending and if any person tries to do so, your mail id will be ignored for any books request for coming 3 months. No warning mail will be sent, just simply I will not reply or send books to your mail for 3 months.

4. I do not provide download link in the site. I always send books through mail. So if you are getting any link in the website, please feel free to ask me in mail about that.

5. I will never ask you for money for books*. So please be aware if someone asks you money for the books by my name, ask me first in mail regrading that.

6. Official mail id for my blog is "kthreeentertainment2017@gmail.com". If you get any mail other than this mail id, please ask me first through whats app or in mail.

7. Please provide feedback in the "feedback" section in my blog. It will help many people to recognize that this is a genuine site for book lovers.

8. I have stopped sending Study material or education books. Please do not request for any education books.

9. Please request books in the request section which are not available in the site. You can do the same through mail. Comment the name of the book followed by the author name and provide your mail id with it. I will collect and will send the book once it is available with me.

10. For Comics which are having more than 100+ comics in its collection or in its series, you will get 100 comics for free from the series. After that, you need to contribute Rs. 249/$2.99 for another 100 comics from the series and so on. Please note, the contribution is for only to help us and collect more an more books in our collection, to serve you better. We are not selling any books, comics, magzines to you. We have stopped sending any specific comic requests from any series, which are having more than 100+ comics in its collection or in its series. We will send the 50 comics either serial wise/alphabatical wise or in any other order in a set, which may contain your specific comic request or not.

11. If you are a publisher/writer/owner of any books, comics, magazine and you have just found out that in my site, I have posted regarding your book, then just simply send a mail by asking to remove that post and it will be gone. I will definitely co-operate to resolve that. Also, please send mail from verified mail id or send proof that you are the owner that book.

Now here i would like to mention few things before you do that. Technically i have not provided any copyright materials in my site. All are those just texts. No image, no pdf, no link.. absolutely nothing. There is no copyright issue in my site with any posts. But still, if you think that that is all your hard work and i should not share, feel free to mail me and i will delete that particular post.

* Money will be asked only for comics collection, books collection, magazine collection. If any user needs more than the limit per month, will be asked to donate money. 90% of the money will be used in "K3Charity". The main aim is free education to slum areas and give away free physical copy of books to people who can't afford it (education books only).

** Please note, we do not sell books and we do not encourage to get pirated copy of any book without purchasing. We respect all the writers, publishers for their hard work. K3Entertainment is for those who doesn't have that much money to buy all the best books out there to read. We only serves to pure book lovers. 

*** Also, for this website to keep up running, i need to pay for the storage space, bought some best books to so that i can scan and upload for your people. So, basically the cost of the site to keep up running is getting higher, that's why i would request to donate money to "K3Entertainment" to help me so that i can help you. Have a great day.

Important Note:

Please note that, I am not the responsible person for any problem with any books, comics, magazines like missing pages, not readable content or any other similar issues. I have also collected these books from different sites, so if you found any issues feel free to reach out to me. I will try to get different versions of the book & send you the updated one.


Last Updated : 24/12/2020

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